(Because No One Else Makes ‘Em…as good)

One of my side passions is woodworking, metalworking or tinkering with electronics etc. This has resulted in me building a lot of things over the years (besides the many startups I’ve also built during my career). Last week I decided to solve a pressing issue with two old slim jim trashcans which I think many of you have or will face eventually. Smelly trashcans with poorly designed lids that fail to contain the oder…not to mention, lids that look commercial and industrial with no taste for art or design. As a creative, something had to be done…

The Problem:

First off, the…

Arjun Rai

Founder, Hellowoofy.com (Social Media Management Driven by 🔬Data Science). On a mission to support 🚀 small businesses w/ the power of 🧬data across the 🌎.

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