A bit little selfish!

Just a notion of thought,
 Well reading this might make you think, that it’s false, that it doesn’t happen this way, but just have a go and think about it for one more moment.

 We meet a whole lot of people as walk through life. Out of which we specifically love only a few of them.
When anyone one of them dies or finds a way away from here to afterlife, we grieve. We cry in their memory.
It’s nothing bad about crying and expressing your sadness, but
have you ever wondered that all you do is a bit kind of selfish.
Everyone cries at their dear’s demise, but what actually we cry for is somewhere pointedly centred towards us.
We cry because, we can no longer be in the company of that person or we couldn’t spend more of the time left out there.
All the reasons, because, and everything, includes we not being to able to have our wishes or live what we thought of, with them. All of the reasoning is true but the only thing to point out above is WE’. It’s just about us not having to spend time with them, us not able to have a good time with as used to, us and us. It’s good that we all consider them as a part of our life’s equation, but nevertheless we don’t cry over that part being gone, rather we fret over how are we going to balance our equation of life.

Nobody cries or grieves for thinking for, it would have been great for that person if that person would have been here,
how good it would have been for that person to be, here to be happy.
These are never the reasons one cries over, if are they’re seldom.
There are very fewer of them who can can reason their tears to others.
All of this just gets to a point,
we all are selfish, though we may have thought of it unknowingly but yes all the reasons do point out a bit of what selfish we are.
Not a bit of mean selfishness, but what I would say of it is , 'it’s just another white lie’.