Any domain of art or knowledge can be mastered over time. The problem comes when we are in a hurry to learn. In this mental state we tend to skim over the fundamentals.

A key Law of The Universe that we live in is Things Are Build On Top of each other. Spiders have several legs, centipedes have a 100 legs and millipedes have a million legs. But they all have legs. Humans have only two legs. Legs have been perfected by the universe through iteration over many models of beings. Once…

“What appears to us is what the senses render…It is a rendered reality and it is real in the sense that a rendering is real.” Arjuna

The Dalai Lama always says, one of the key causes of suffering is to take things at face value. Reality is not as it appears. This is a fundamental tenet of Indian and Buddhist philosophy.

It is no coincidence that the software for rendering three dimensional environments is called “Maya”. In Sanskrit Maya means illusion.

The wikipedia says:

Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not…

Arjun Singh Kochhar

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