Feathering from Here

Obscure observations of computational living on the day many believe they see the future in their newly acquired iPhone X devices

Today, so many folks are talking about their iPhone X. There’s the side of me which rejoices with them. There’s a complimentary hello between those whom are looking and those who have the X. The articles and videos say the same — this feels like a part of the future.

I settle into another Friday at the Impact Hub. I make my way here most Fridays in an attempt to shift my perspective and pull from a different energy source towards work and purpose. This place is filled with folks doing social enterprises — businesses which mean the best for the good of the community, not simply those of the stakeholders. Its into this context I’m listening, reading, and watching. And then I glance…

I came here today part by car, the other by public transportation. Normally a person who doesn’t carry much, this time associated with Snap Spectacles alongside the usual (iPhone, iPad Pro, and AirPods). Many glance my direction. Very few folks are brave enough to ask, “what are they?” “Why do you wear them?”

I glanced at them as they sat on the desk as I prepared my workspace. A convo interrupted and I wrote this:

Was asked about these today. Snap might not have sold a lot of them, but their usage does invite the right kind of questions on how integrated parts of computational tech have become life behaviors

Computatational living — I like this term better than technology — seems to be on all of our minds these days. We don’t like its intrusion, we love what it enables us to do and share. We don’t like the centralized control, and we are very afraid of being locked out of those experiences we’ve uploaded or purchased. There’s much about computational living we’ve allowed to happen, and so much more to explore. Yet… explore. That’s where I was left as I setup today’s workspace.

I don’t know that there will be much in the way of setting up workspaces — at least not as it happens in even places like this coworking space. We might need — want — space. But, spatial computing should allow for a constellation of devices and services to serve the moment. Some of that service will become enhanced when our eyes, ears, or touchpoints are enhanced. I so easily see a device like Spectacles evolved to mediating a creative interface through audio commands — a non-visual input surface if you will. I grow enamored with the idea of feeling my way through a service because of audio prompts and haptic feedback, not unlike what happens when my Apple Watch guides me on a walk to the next meeting place.

The glass slab seems though it might be fading into the background. Not fading in the sense that its no longer needed. But that the point of the handheld was to enable us to get to understand that we’ve got it within ourselves to change the world. Yes, sensors, gestures, and a contextual awareness (made famous enough by the iPhone X) will encourage all kinds of playful and productive moments. Yet, I look over at the Spectacles, and my ears punctuated through the sounds through these AirPods, and the scenes and blinks of info passing through my iPad and iPhone… I have this feeling we are about to fly into something better. Computational living defined by a different kind of feathers.