Notes from Gigaom’s AI 2017 Conference
Sean Everett

Lots of details, shapes worth exploring…

Thanks for sharing these notes. I find them exciting if for no other reason that I am the type to draw notes for events like these and see the shape of things talked about, not just the points as described.

If life allowed for me to get to this event, I imagine I’d have a lot of fun trying to make sense of AI’s various arguments and perspectives.

This might be worth coming back to later… I think we might find the thoughts discussed here too far and not far enough. For example, one thought I’ve had the past day or so, “ does AI mean the diminishing of the unique human voice?” If you will, the the reach for machined (initially programmed, then self-learned) intelligence point to a type of humanity that disowns its voice — and if so, will all cultures ascribe to that, or will such voice-transfer become an economic, cultural, or class (imperial?) line of distinction?

Leaves much to consider. The shape of things to come has not yet been drawn…

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