How HoloLens Might Make Me Less Dumb
Kyle “G”

Making A Jump Further

Surprised you didn’t make the jump to see HoloLens — or other virtual environments — enabled to do a health check before you do a talk in that mixed reality space. For example, instead of needing insulin, HoloLens/Cortana having had access to your physical state over time notifies you to adjust pacing or other aspects of behavior because of what it picks up as a lack of something physically/psychologically (I have a ring which does something like this). When your health falls well beneath an associated norm [for you], it readies communications to emergency personnel or ICE contacts, etc. HoloLens therefore not just being an environment to interact, but intermingles with physical realities that should not be quite the province of the public space but do effect the public performance.

Also seems that your ability to remember what to pack for trips isn’t smartly put together by (through?) those devices and spaces. I’m guessing that of those items you carry which are connected to one another, your insulin delivery/report tool isn’t one of them. Ideally, your backup for the talk would be connected only to get the latest edition of your presentation before you depart, but even then it wouldn’t be connected unless it needed to be. And given that you were speaking to an educational facility, there was likely no mention or use of shared space where your materials could also go — in part to aid you presenting, but also for them to be able to link to/thru them well beyond your physical presentation. HoloLens might not be able to help in those spaces, but it could follow along with groups like Tile/Hiddez where there’s a recognition of personal affects (a personal logistics system if you will) to which HoloLens lives as a part.

I get the appeal of HoloLens. As a matter of fact, I could have used it to do some presentations today and tomorrow that were affected by the weather conditions of the NE USA. But, if I were to make that jump in using it there, I’d get more of a value if it acted as part of my own ecosystem of devices/services. One where it made me smarter not because it thought about it for me, but because those pieces always enabled me to be in my best space to live.

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