On chat as interface
Alistair Croll

Nice thoughts. Literal first thoughts (before making it a good 1/4 the way through) was (a) the Alexa-driven devices Amazon introduced today (I own the Echo), and (b) a discussion I had recently about interfaces and opportunities based on something I wrote a long while back (https://medium.com/@arjwright/gestures-and-notifications-as-the-interactive-operating-system-478b0c60f37f).

Its clear that if bandwidth and cognition are there, voice works as an interface. And its clearer still that chat interfaces — especially when they can be programmed by the user while learning on the side of the service provider- can do some increasingly powerful stuff. I wonder what the end of that interface is.. has to be something neurological.

Exciting times. With the adverse effect of still being put on hold by service desk because the chat bots couldn’t reconcile which department was to handle your request for a new monitor ;)

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