I would rather give up my iPhone than my MacBook and the iPad has never been an option for my type…
Sean Everett

No Good Solution… Exactly

I agree. There is no good solution. Hence my line of asking, is a tablet merely a reformatting of parts of the creative sides of computing, or is it too much friction for the productivity sides of it? Mobile and laptop have not just a niche, but a defined context of creativity and productivity. Tablets, not so.

I don’t know that it’s just an issue of familiarity. As you state, the addition of an input accessory enables the tablet to become more than what it’s designed as. However, I see that also meaning that what the tablet has been designed as doesn’t quite fit the type of work asked for from it. Creativity and brainstorming seem to be coming along. Mixing and remixing content to be presented in similar/other mediums, tablets have that also to some degree. But, like mobiles have authored a different style of messaging (from SMS to Snap), and laptops have authored a networked and personalized workstation, I wonder what (if ever) the tablet form factor gets a similar chance to branch into its unique creative and productive leanings.

I not only think it can happen, I feel I’m moving towards that. Slowly (for now).

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