Small Ripples Pointing to Large Changes in the Shoreline

Simply paying attention to small news-bits as the future to come comes into view

Reading about various topics does one’s mind well to think about and meander through possibilities of what futures can look like. For the most part, I left whatever the travels around connections take me to wherever they will land. Thing is, sometimes those travels have the unintended effect of showing you a better view of the present than even some might want to admit to.

The UAE on Thursday appointed Omar Bin Sultan as the country’s first Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence as part of a cabinet reshuffle. Aged just 27, Sultan’s appointment is part of the UAE’s ambition to be at the forefront of the global technological revolution which sees it planning to be build homes on the planet Mars by 2117…

Via Arabian Business

This is just one of those small notes, shared very quietly (to me), which point to what could amount to a clear idea of where a country (or company) sees themselves within a generation. Thing is, a view like this isn’t shared easily. Its amounts to a clear destination for all necessary supporting priorities (education, utilities, professional services, health/medical, waste disposal, etc.), and to some degree allows for the kind of experimentation and market-forming events in which some other fields might find new legs (athletics, entertainment, higher/continuing education, etc.).

…Reality and Virtual Reality sit at complete opposite ends of the multiverse, with a range of others realms fitting in between. They can be visualized on this octant, from the book, ‘Infinite Reality: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier’ by B. Joseph Pine and Kim C. Korn, which this article is inspired by…

Via Marvel App

A decade ago, I would have noticed this and shifted myself accordingly. Not to the point of getting new schooling, certifications, or anything to that degree. But, I would open the door to niche media streams, networking events, or even small experiments where I could be better positioned for the conversation, if not outright for shifting myself. I’m not sure its going to be all too different with news like the above (and others), but my pace feels different. I’m one part admiring the focus to have such a vision to create a role — and another part skeptical that its the right framing for the future that’s yet to be designed/lived.

Nevertheless, the big changes always start as small ripples which continue to affect the shoreline over time. If folks weren’t convinced that the activities and economics of the future will be different, news such as this points to that reality and more.