AI will take over our jobs.
The Great Design Battle of 2018 — Pick Your Side
Alexander Handley

This probably needs to be expounded on more, but this was my thoughts while reading:

I’ve had Mockups into Code open [in my browser] all weekend… I don’t know AI is as much a step forward for design & prototyping as much as it is perhaps a skipping of prototyping as a completely separate role and handing off perhaps not to developers but to testers/analysts. If AI/ML is the context, prototyping feels like the act of a designer signing off on something which can be handed off. If this stayed as separate tools, the highlighted analogy holder. However, if tools are augmented by machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence, it might very well be the case that the future of design software isn’t so much these three roles having better tools, but the designer being a manager of the rules which govern what augmented tools do (wrote on this previously here).

If its separate tools that do this, I guess that stays, but for one reason or another, these roles seem to be an issue in process just as much as it is in tooling. If the rest of the sphere ends up with augmented/automated tools, what exactly do these roles mean?