They need better threaded messaging like Branch, but I get why they don’t. A few responses:
Sean Everett

Threads and Such

Threaded comments would make this so much more like Google Wave…

Visual search stating from your eyes, not from your glass slab’s eyes is where I see Snap (and maybe Facebook/Occlus) positioning things. Amazon is doing it right now in their mobile app using the glass slab’s eye. It’s not great, but not bad either.

To your AR comment, visual search needs to be seen as done more often. AR behaviors are similar. I might be edgy in a sense because of pushing mobile-only, then tablet-as-workstation, and (soon, I’m sure) something else. I see interfaces as a canvas worth exploring in a frame of shrinking the spaces between ideas and products. Unfortunately, critical mass for this artist is whatever is in my mind’s eye, not what a significant mass of others have usually jumped towasds first. That’s something I’m going to have to work thru if any of these thoughts Ade going to bend life better for myself and others.

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