The Changing Dynamics of Reality Retail
Sean Everett

Yes, But… Another Perspective

I’m on the road right now, visiting an area of the country I’d not been to in some time, and even then I was just passing through. I took a drive through this area and the state of retail establishments could very much land right into what’s talked about here and other places.

For lack of better words, there are a ton of markets/stores, but the ones which seem to have traffic are the big box stores. And even then, those stores looked less trafficked than other areas of the country I’ve been in.

The state of local stores was more depressing. Plenty of buildings abandoned in mid-town areas. The entrepreneurial area seemed to be specifically zoned — and looked to more or less mirror what was given as the arts district. It’s not just that retail is being decimated by Internet shopping, but it seems the very seams of smaller towns no longer wants to stitch lives across more than a Main Street or town center.

Personalization can help, but there’s not a critical mass of consumers in areas like these to make it worth the effort. Shoot, I’m actually in an area where several logistical giants have distribution plants. The cities around these plants don’t seem to have the ability to utilize the scale they are exporting to wealthier areas.

Having noticed it so glaringly, I’m not sure that I have more than observations. Just another perspective to consider while we run into retail’s inevitable transformation.

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