I See Clouds

The twins had almost forgotten the sound of the rain. Juno believed it sounded like a million crickets swapping their wings at the same time; Jonah thought it was like a rock disintegrating in amplified slow motion.

It was the sound their mom used to make to sooth them. Sometimes, between the hisses, a little moan would escape her lips and made beautiful music.

But it hasn’t rained since her funeral. And they were so little by then.

Juno sleeps with her hand on the window sill, she keeps the shutters open all night, just in case. Jonah still keeps the seeds he used to collect when he was a kid, maybe one day they’ll be able to grow.

The lands have produced only cacti for so long now… Most animals have fled.

“Lets wait for torrow” says Juno sometimes, when her brother gets in a bad mood. “I can see clouds now" she says.

“Who cares if it never rains again?”, says Jonah every time his sister is in a funk. “We can make it anyways”, he says.

And they wait together.