Lessons on Self Love #1

“I really don’t care if the car breaks down in the middle of the highway” he said, the smell of some cheap licquor oozing from between his crooked teeth. “It’s your problem, not mine”.

I’ll put it simply: this man is an idiot. He might be your father, son, uncle, cousin or best friend, but if he says this, or something equivalent, even if he’s drunk or high (more so if he is), that makes him an idiot unworthy of your efforts.

People who claim to be helping you, and while doing so chew on the thought that they shouldn’t, are not worth your time. It’s those people who, in a moment of weakness, blurt out the truth they have been chewing on: they dont care about you.

If you love yourself, stay away from those people. If there isn’t a healthy amount of good will in a relationship (any type of relationship) it will not amount to any good. No matter how nice you are, they’ll poison you over and over.

May this serve as a reminder to everyone hanging onto an addict or alcoholic: they need help, but you are not the one who can help them. If their smell sickens you, if their words harm you, stay away, this is not your battle. You’ll only hear about how many f*cks they don’t give. They’ll only remind you of how useless you are to them…

If you must do something, record their words on your phone, and play them back to them when they are sober (only if you want revenge. If not, get away and let it be).

That being said, may you have a sh*t free year 2016 ☺ It’s my sincere wish.