Not so Hateful Lifestyle

The life coach Barbara Sher says: “what you love to do is what you were born to do”.

It feels so refreshing to have someone tell you to value valuable things.

What we mostly hear from ‘professional advisers' is: find a job you don’t hate, organize your life around it and get a nice hobby to keep you happy.

That is just so mild, it makes me angry.

The job you don’t hate will take up to nine hours of your day (we must add driving time, lunch time and stressing over work after hours time); that makes 45 hours a week in a traditional work place. Sleeping and house tending will take up to ten more hours of the same day, that leaves five for showers, hobbies and rest.

It doesn’t sound that bad, except when you realize it’s 1/6th of your day where you do what you love.

Weren’t we born to do it? Why so little time? Why are working hours in a good-enough job lengthier? It just doesn’t seem fair.

It is a common discomfort, this one. Most people feel forced into office jobs, highschool hours, uninteresting meetings or seminars… Let’s face it, not everybody cares about being a trend setting CEO (those who do might just have it easier).

It’s a fresh start, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Will we settle for ‘not-so-hateful’? Or will we go for ‘born-to-do-it’?