To blog or not to blog…

For years I’ve been considering to write a blog about my daily adventures in techno world. And today is THE day. I have started my blog!

First of all, I am not a good writer. Don’t expect poetic or long stories from me.
My native language is Dutch. And for many years I live in Taiwan (beautiful country, lovely people), where Chinese is the main language. My English is good, but far from perfect!

I’m a technology enthusiast. My work evolves around software and often also hardware. I do a lot of software programming (mainly in C#), as well as product design, software design, client interaction and being innovative.

My motto: Try to empower people with technology without taking away the human touch.

Most of my writings here will be about technology and software development related topics. Things that I encounter on a daily base and think are worthwhile to share with others.

Hope you enjoy and find my posts helpful.