For God’s Sake, Stop Begging For War

I pity you if you long for war. Fuck you, if you want to prove your patriotism by defeating Pakistan over dozens of bullets.

What do you think of Indian Army? Your servant? Your 3 AM pizza delivery boy? Or your leisure buddy to complete retarded video game series? Wake up. Show maturity, you warmonger.

And please show some courage in broad daylight when someone reels on the street. Before pitching your voice for war, contribute in some way for betterment of the nation. I have not. So, I will not cry for the war. That’s my first point.

Let me clarify one thing, I am not getting into any political debate of whether should India wipe out Pakistan from the world map. I question the sacrifice of lives.

Yes, it’s you and I who cringe over every shove and push in metro and bus and fuck someone’s hell out for not delivering the food in right time.

And we want to direct Indian Army to wrought over a nation, just because you think you have to show your love for the nation. You being a perfect hypocrite can abuse your boss for giving you double assignment. And you talk about commitment, loyalty and sacrifice.

But, YOUR Indian Army has utmost responsibility to save you. Right? But, now you are bored. And Now Pakistan has gone too far to be tolerated. And Now you love India, so, let’s break out a War.

Take my Slow Claps!!!

Who care about Indian soldiers? We don’t. We have not told them to recruit themselves in army. They are our soldier, our royal servant. Let them fight for us. Do we have any idea how does it hurt when a bullet kisses the flesh?

Sacrifice is great. And when you sacrifice for your native, you are martyr. But, spending one more hour in office or at the ticket counter is shit for us. Just wonder, how can we explore new ways to be hypocrite? I accept, I will never sacrifice my window seat in bus, remote control in any of the Manchester United matches and I hate OLA share.

I know you have tons of bravery and your skills of verbatim are perfectly reflected in your social media rants. I salute you for that. (That was sarcasm in case you have missed it.) And again I hate you for the same reason. (Now, I am serious.)

Now you have absolute right to counter me and fuck me harder. And, I will not retaliate. But, I will question your patriotism everytime. READ IT, every hour. When you will want a war without doing any constructive work. Why? Because, I have seen you to spit in open road, to smoke in public and bla bla bla. Tweet me to get more details of you being anti-national.

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