Why I am a startup?

Not clear but transparent for sure.

Because, I find problems in words, emotions, interactions, reactions and spontaneous repercussions.

Of mine most days and when it rains I clean my microscope.

I dig deep till I touch the bones, the cracks and the raw nerve.

I pledge and meditate on the solutions.

For better conversations.

For making you read once again.

For winning you. Once more or to break the jinx!

I am a startup. So, I will never cow down. Call it hustle, grit or grind, I will try my best, leap when time is right and work to make a difference.

To compel you to love me, chase me, hate me, try me, throw me but never overlook, overhear or ignore me.

When you turn back, I slap my vanity and start working on my gestures, words and every subtle interaction.

To win you. Once again or to finally break the jinx.

I am a startup and I will never stop till I grab you. Call it process or plunge for perfection, I will not rest till I drag myself inside your nest.