ACES Releases Ansible Deployments for all ACES Applications.

Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read

First, for those uninitiated, what is ACES?

ACES is a free and open source blockchain project, with no ICO or coin. ACES is an infrastructure for blockchain utility services such as transfers, contract deployments and executions, and utility consumption. ACES connects multiple blockchains together using a modular design. Our suite of tools allows you to connect ARK, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, including services for transfers and Ethereum contract deployment. You can read more about the project at To get a better feel for the design philosophy for ACES you can check out the earlier blog posts. We welcome all contributions and hope to get developers from other coin communities to enhance the project by integrating their community’s coin utility as a deployable service through ACES.

So what’s in this release?

This is a major release for ACES and improves the deployment experience for all ACES services. You can now launch a marketplace, service, and/or listener by simply cloning the repository, updating a config, and running a script for your desired app.

Our deployment infrastructure can be found on our GitHub under the aces-deployment repository. There we explain in detail how to use the deployment tools, but you can also check out the tutorial video below to get a quick glimpse of how it works. In the tutorial, we show setting up an AWS server, deploying an ARK channel service to that server, and then registering it to the marketplace using the service registration UI. All of this software is free and open source, so you can clone and utilize the software however you’d like.

The video tutorial below includes all the steps needed to deploy and register a service. It is only a subset of the capabilities made available through the deployment suite, and if you want to you can create new playbooks and marketplaces. We would be happy to merge any tested services and playbooks to the main repository. Any developers interested in adding to the deployment suite is welcome to contribute to the ACES project.

We have created deployment roles for all our current applications. Below is the list of deployment tools available now. The Blockchain Service Roles are actually generic blockchain nodes, so you might be interested in using ACES for node deployments even if you aren’t intending to use ACES.


ACES Listener Roles

ACES Service Roles

ACES Marketplace Role

Blockchain Service Roles

We look forward to increasing developer involvement! Feel free to reach out on Slack or Reddit to learn more!

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