ACES September 2018 Development Update

Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

We continue to add to and improve the ACES software. Take a look at the release notes below for some of the highlights from the month of September.

Add pre-built Jar application builds

We improved our application distribution by providing pre-built application jars available on []( Building from source required users not familiar with java builds to install and use build tools like Maven to generate runnable jar applications. These pre-built jars make it easier to install applications like ACES Listeners and Services by cutting out the build from source steps.

The pre-built jars package all required dependencies for the web application to run on the remote server such as an embedded tomcat webserver. This means that any of the ACES web applications can be downloaded from the distribution repository and run with a single java command.

Update ACES Deployment scripts to use pre-built Jar application builds

The ACES Deployment Ansible scripts now utilize the pre-built jars to deploy ACES applications to remote servers. This significantly speeds up deployment times since the applications no longer have to be compiled directly from source code.

Update Swagger-Codegen

ACES SDKs are built using a fork of an open source codegen framework [Swagger-Codegen]( We have updated our fork to the latest version fo Swagger-Codegen to get the latest and greatest features added to our SDKs.

Ark-Auth Extraction

In order to simplify the setup of services and reduce the number of things that have to be configured in the ACES applications, we have re-designed the Ark-Auth feature into a separate web service application that can sit in front of any number of ACES Listener/Service nodes and act as a service proxy for authorization. This new architecture allows authorization grants and payments to be more easily managed in a single location and separates Ark-Auth logic out of individual Listener/Service applications.

Listener Resubscribe

We added a new re-subscription endpoint to our ACES Listener API Specification. Re-subscriptions allow Listener consumers to re-subscribe to blockchain events in cases where the subscription is terminated by the listener. Listeners can terminate a subscription if the recipient server becomes unavailable or is unable to acknowledge new transactions, thus preventing indefinite retries against a server that may be out of commission. The re-subscription endpoint allows consumers to recover from temporary issues or unavailability by re-subscribing an existing subscription. This enhancement to our platform architecture increases the reliability of service integration, without introducing new centralized message management systems such as Message Queues.

ARK Persona Fork Support

The [Persona Network]( is a personal identity management system built off Ark. We have updated our ark-java-client to support the configuration parameters required to itegrate Peronsa using the official ACES Ark Listener and Channel Service implementations.

This update required us to add an network “epoch” parameter to the ACES Ark network configurations so that ACES can now support any ARK networks using custom epoch parameters.

Minor Bug Fixes and Updates

To see all the latest changes, check our our open source code repository at


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