THE Moment

Today I was just taking a late nap, around 6pm when I saw it.

I dreamt something, something that felt like I should do, something that felt like I have done it already, something that was very right to do.

I was with a stranger in a pickup van driving through the roads. Having NO destination, we rode off.

Moon was nowhere to be seen, like it’s been hiding itself. But it seemed like I could feel the warmth of moonlight entering through the wind shield then reflecting on the dashboard and finally touching my face.

Soon I the face of the stranger looked familiar, even though it was looking blurred i still got a strong vibe

He is surely the guy I can trust, he is my best friend. MAYBE I’m yet to meet him but one day I will find that friend.

Suddenly the radio turned on, we didn’t know which channel it was or which song it was playing but, that song didn’t just stop at my ears it went right to my heart.

I could feel the increase in my heart rate. My heart was beating at a speed I have never even felt.

I just needed to get out there. I climbed to the back of the van, as I stood there the wind kept crashing my whole body.


The street lights were passing by me like they were being pulled into oblivion, and I on the other hand was going towards the light.

Just then I saw a girl, sitting on the very spot I was sitting moments ago. She was looking right into my eyes, like she was trying to find something, like she lost something there.

Those passing by streetlight’s light made her eyes look more attractive. Those eyes were holding my eyes, I couldn’t even look anywhere.

Till now only those eyes were all that I could see in her face and everything else was blurry. Just then I saw a sparkle, a sparkle in her eyes and then she smiled at me. Yeah! I could now see her lips slowly pushing her cheeks upward, and there, there was the perfect smile.

It was like we were connected with the bond of eyes and her smile just shook my whole world.

I knew that very moment she must be the ONE. It was a feeling, a indescribable feeling.

As soon as I was out of the hypnosis of her eyes, I could see the world around me. It was the same but everything seemed different.

There was a tunnel coming up ahead and the song on the radio was no where near end till now. As we entered the tunnel I was spreading my arms as wide as I could and looked up at the ceiling.

The ceiling of the tunnel was lined with orange LED lights. As the van drove by the lights passed over my head one by one, and I could see the most happiest moments in each nd every light. Every light reminded me of a different memory that was buried so deep that I even forgot about them, and with every light passing by my smile grew bigger and bigger.

I can feel the trust for my friend who was driving, I can feel her glazing at me in so cute manner that my every breath told me to kiss her.

I was in my own heaven and my heart was in its own.

Soon the tunnel ended !! And all I could think was one day we all will become someone’s parents and then who we are now will only remain as a piece of picture.


Those are the kind of memories I want to make!

Money alone or love alone doesn’t create that kind of moments in life. It’s your heart that have the power to make you feel like that, it’s your heart that can give you directions for the best in you.

This dream felt real but I don’t know if I will ever be able to make it come true !!


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