Arkajyoti Mukherjee
Jan 4, 2018 · 4 min read

The adventures of my dreamland : Episode 1

The only rule

Welcome to my dream land — The only rules of this world is that I’m asleep and there are no rules; imagine anything and that’s true.

Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Mah dreams, mah rules”.

Don’t dreams always start abruptly? Like you snooze off to a quite place, seeing beautiful mongooses flying in the sky and all of a sudden you’re balancing an elephant on a toothpick; tying a bow tie with your teeth; all the while you were dancing to careless whispers on the wing of a giant flying duck, which is awkwardly staring at you!

The balanced elephant

A pretty abrupt start, wouldn’t you say?

Well my dream started with something less dramatic than that. It was loud, very loud in fact, seemed like a death metal concert. I was kinda digging the tune, but the language of the song was incomprehensible. Things started to get clearer as I started to cut through the crowd. The previously assumed black and white fur balls rolling on the stage, started to feel more like creatures.

As I approached the stage, I realized I was in fact in a death metal concert; to put it more precisely — a death metal panda concert. There were pandas all over the place; singing, rolling, chewing a guitar and rolling again. Okay, it was mostly rolling; that’s what they do best.

The death metal panda concert

Suddenly one of the pandas looked me in the eye. There was a strange glare in his eyes. The panda ran across the stage and jumped. You would expect the crowd catching that heavy panda somehow, but to my surprise the panda starting floating. It was as if it was actually a fur ball.

I sensed something wrong and was trying to run, but everything around me slowed down, almost to a momentary halt. I felt a soft touch under my arm and my feet started to lift off the ground. Moments later I was flying high with a super light panda, who was also offering me some weed.

Now this point onward only flashes of the dream came. I clearly remember a crazy tortoise hitchhiking on the panda’s tail; couldn’t figure out why though.

The flying panda

Things started to get more prominent when I was near a campfire with a grizzly bear and some weed. I came to know that the panda actually is a universal bear and that it changes its form according to the climate of the region — thus explaining the grizzly staring at me blankly.

The campfire

Much of my dream was a blur. I don’t quite recall all of my adventures with the bear but I distinctly remember me parting with my new bear friend. I didn’t know where to go next and the bear didn’t have a name to remember it by, but I couldn’t forget the tears in his eyes when I left. We had become real close friends in this short time. Or was it a short time? Eh…the concept of time is irrelevant here anyways.

More dreams to have and many more creatures to meet, but you only remember the ones that touch your soul.

Miss you my bear friend!

The Goodbye

Clap along if you like my stories and let me know in the comments if you want me to continue with my series or if you have some suggestions for the next.

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Arkajyoti Mukherjee

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