What is Deccoach?

As we can read in the whitepaper of Deccoach team their goals is to bring opinion of people that they interested in a match close to team as an opinion of them. They saw a problem of lack of a connection between team and their fan, they have a plan to make a connection between current team management and also coaching system to group of their fans. In continue of their whitepaper this can have some advantages that we will discuss about them in next paragraphs. As they said, there can be a way to collect all the participating fans’ opinions about the game ( anything that is, weaknesses, strength, opposite team weakness and strength, substitutions, system and etc….) that way we could have a huge and valuable statistical data that comes from many intelligent sources, so we need to process them in real time ,we need “ real time processing” of statistical data that we have, and show those analytics to the coach in various desired ways in any position and time, we need to collect all data from any part of the world in order for that to work we need a technique that can be common among all people and the system is : “Decentralizing Fan Coaching System (DecCoach) (DECO)”

DECO provides a way for all people in each country and nation to participate in their favorite team’s matches and events.

going from whitepaper to website the first phrase that we can see is:

Decentralized fan coaching system, Is a token that will be used in the idea of DECENTRALIZED FAN COACHING SYSTEM that is a project that will try to collect statistical data from people around the world and process those in real time during a match with using different technology in different ways and subjects to lead them to become a virtual out put that can be an end analysis of real group sport match, we named it Deccoach.

If you look at Deccoach website this is the phrase that they have used for introduce their idea and also Deccoachtoken. What can we understand from this fresh sentence? The first thing is vast verity technologies that they should to use during this project from having a Token continue with data collection and the way of doing it, data process and also circumstances of it and at the end output system and method of generating it, so they maybe have a hard roadmap for doing it in their project.

What type of technologies can they use? As we know in field of blockchain technology there are many different and successful project that are active in specific technologies; for example we have two type of storing data, usual and blockchain methods and also other technologies those they want to use, have these two versions but if you look at their roadmap and whitepaper they didn't say anything about kind of technologies will be used in their project clearly. But they should have a plan for their method of using technology it will help them manage their roadmap clear and confidently.

Also they mentioned different type of advantages in their whitepaper, in my point of view the most attractive benefits in their idea is job opportunities and also technology advancement that will occur because of peaceful competition that will exist during this projects for fans and also teams. Social effects and also lateral markets are attractive in some cases not in all aspects, Also using social media is a good point to reduce the distance between people but it may makes people spend more time on the web but the benefits of using social channel can be more.

Roadmap has been well organized and it is clear but not in details, especially for the futures programs. Also the section are clear and necessary for manage the on ongoing project, but it should have more details in each section because of investors and also their power of management in the future. If you look at Bitcointalk ANN thread Deccoach team have some explanation about this subject that was convincing now but it will more clear at the future as they said on that page.

One of important sections in all ICO’s in these days is TEAM, also they introduce their team staff, but they tried to didn't show their team member’s pictures in their site till now, So it can be a negative point for their ICO but Deccoachteam have some discussion about this subject on Bitcointalk website and they explain about their team creation. As they mentioned in some discussion there they work as a group of different non-affiliated companies those work by direct investing of a company for going on their roadmap, they have also written there that their team pictures will be shown to other after making agreement between this group.

The most amount of budget has been allocated to project development that can be good distribute on it because of the hard roadmap that they have, this budget allocation is logical. We use their whitepaper picture of budget allocation to this article with permission of Deccoach team.

Budget allocation overview

Token distribution is also related to their special roadmap and idea, they will make 70% of token distribution, accessible to investors, and in the second level of allocated token is social network development. In this section we have also used their whitepaper picture to show token distribution pie chart.

Token distribution overview