Arker: The legend of Ohm

What is “Arker: The legend of Ohm”?

Arker: The legend of Ohm is the first free multiplayer online strategy game that rewards its players with a cryptocurrency, where players must recruit heroes of different classes to help them in their fight for the city of Ohm and, thereby, increase the loot of ARKER, a mineral of great value.

Abilities and items

Every hero needs to be prepared for the fight. Train your heroes to increase their experience and level up, which will allow you to equip better abilities and items and thus increase your chances of success in battle. There are hundreds of different abilities, some exclusive of certain classes, that you can get in the market or in the strange chests that only a few merchants offer in exchange for a good amount of ARKER.


Players can go to the market to find rare items and abilities that other players are selling; as well as offering their most precious booties obtained in their adventures in the lands of Ohm, in exchange for ARKER.


Taking control of a city is not an easy task for a single hero, which is why the heroes are used to group into clans, joining forces for a common purpose. Each week, the strongest clan takes control of the Ohm city, which gives it control of the ARKER mines and allows them to earn an extra bonus of the mineral to all its members.


In addition to the battles over Ohm’s control, the heroes can fight by pre-agreeing an amount of ARKER before the battle; The winner takes everything! If you think your hero is strong enough and your skills are above the ordinary, do not hesitate and challenge other heroes to win ARKER quickly.

History mode (under development)

If being a solitary hero is your thing you can immerse yourself in the depths of the rift, where the ARKER emerges, in search of adventures. Few brave men would dare to descend into the rift from which heart-rending shrieks would rise at night. It is said that strange figures roam in their labyrinthine depths, from which very few have returned and those who have never wanted to talk about what happened. However, if you still want to adventure, incredible treasures and stories await in this game mode.

Token Economics

Token economics:
Total token supply: 200,000,000
Listing price: 0.1$ / ARKER
Circulating supply at launch: 23,230,000 ARKER
IDO: 2.5% — 0.05$ (5,000,000 ARKER) = 250,000$
Backers: 30%: 0.040$ (60,000,000 ARKER) = 2,400,000$ (Starting unlock at month 3, during 18 months with a linear unlock)
Liquidity and exchanges:
DEX Liquidity: 2.25% (4,500,000 ARKER) CEX Liquidity: 5,25% (10,500,000 ARKER)
Linear unlocks:
Play to earn: 20% = 40,000,000 ARKER = 1,700,000 per month
Staking rewards: 10% = 20,000,000 ARKER = 830,000 per moth
Team: 15% = 30,000,000 ARKER = 1,100,000 per month. starting after 6 months of launch (27 months lineal).
Advisors: 7% = 14,000,000 ARKER = starting after 6 months of launch 875,000 per month
Ecosystem fund: 8% = 16,000,000 ARKER = 700,000 per month

Available in the Play Store, App Store and Steam

At the launch of the ARKER token, the game will be fully playable on Android / IOS / Steam platforms.

Ingame preview

Arker is currently fully developed so we can show you ingame images of the current state.