New Partnership !!!!

Arker x ArcadeLand

Today is a great day for Arker! We have closed another great partnership with a very important project for us due to the great proximity with our metaverse ideals, very complete and with a lot of potential, the ArcadeLand project!

With an easy to use and familiar user interface, ArcadeLand gives all users of the gaming space including gamers, developers, and community members the freedom to explore, create, play and earn.

This metaverse combines the benefits of the blockchain gaming sector with mainstream games in a single platform, bringing the best of both worlds together for the ultimate experience. ArcadeLand has achieved over 163 very popular collaborations so far and will continue to increase this number before the official launch of the platform.

The ArcadeLand goal is to present gamers with a seamless experience including the widest variety of high quality games without lengthy downloads or installation processes, essentially making the only gaming interface players will ever need.

Most of the community is already wondering how this collaboration will benefit the Arker project. Very simple, from the ArcadeLand metaverse we could create exclusive content to give visibility to our world of Ohm, so that all users who do not know us, can get information and content that make them become interested in our game and all the metaverse that it includes.

We could also use the ArcadeLand metaverse to buy and sell all our NFTs, such as pets, weapons, skills, relics…

So that in addition to trade in our Arker metaverse, we can also take the market “beyond our lands” thus generating many more trading opportunities.

We are sure that with collaborations like these, progressively, everything will make a lot of sense. And most importantly, we will start to interconnect worlds as nobody can imagine, generating a lot of valuable content and striving to be the best.

ArcadeLand is building the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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