Arker SDK Sneak peek

After working in marketing, talks, landing page, social media and making Arker to be known in the ICO’s ecosystem, we thought that’s the best moment to show the game development to the world.

In a meeting with Arker advisors in relation about the world of ICOs, they recommended us to show a sneak peek of the game development, in this case, the documentation about the core of the game: Arker SDK.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts to arrive at the established dates in the roadmap and the same time be active in the social media, as well giving support and maintaining our Waves Node (

We developed a small document where we show all the current functionality of Arker SDK, this is a live documentation that’s will expand in the future with new features.

We include everything that Arker is running right now, from the registration and login, even the transfers of Arker Coins to the victorious player.With these announces of the game development, we want to show our motivation and illusion in Arker, and show you our continuous and uninterrupted work to the community.

Documentation Arker SDK

Stay tuned, we will have a lot of very interesting news!