Welcome to the world, Bold Ninja!

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He’s bold. And he’s a ninja.

Delegate fun is proud to reveal its second game where players can win free Ark every single day! It’s available for everyone to play right now, regardless of whether or not you vote for the fun delegate.

The new game, Bold Ninja, is an infinite runner. Your character is, as the name suggests, a ninja. Let’s call him Rok … and any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental ;)! Your task is to jump between the platforms to collect the cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for points.

It’s not that simple though. There are obstacles along the way to thwart our little guy. Although our ninja has boots that can sustain two falls onto spikes, the third will be fatal. Be careful to avoid the bombs too, or he’ll get blown up on the spot. He also can’t swim. Oh, and don’t fall off the edge of the screen or he’ll be crushed to death.

All that aside, he is amazingly agile and can jump high in the air and can even perform double and triple jumps to reach all the platforms. It may take you a while to master the skill, but your perseverance will pay off!

The game is optimised for desktop and mobile play, and you can jump by tapping a phone or tablet’s touchscreen, clicking the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard. Double and triple jumps are achieved by repeating the jump prior to landing. Your ninja can’t jump more than three times without landing, and you have no control over the actual landing position once you’ve already taken flight, so you must plan your jumps carefully.

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Bold Ninja is the second game available on ArkFun.io

Each Litecoin is worth 10 points, a Bitcoin gives you 25 points, a blue Ark logo yields 50 points and the red Ark token is worth 100 points. You’ll also gain 2 seconds of game time for every item you collect. But wait, what’s this?

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Meet Puddi: The exit scamming curse of your ninja

This pudding, or Puddi to use its proper name, will steal 5 points from you every time you hit it. Why, you might ask? Well, it’s in recognition of my personal history with Ark. When I first joined the community last year, I was looking out for a delegate to vote for and I settled on biz. For clarification, that is the original biz and should not be confused with its successor, biz_classic. The biz delegate was operated by a user called Magnet who used the Puddi avatar in the biz discord and the Ark.io forum. One day, Magnet messed up his payments and failed to put it right in an act that was tantamount to an exit scam as many voters did not receive their earned rewards. Magnet quickly ceased forging as a consequence, but he lives on in the form of a 3D rendering of his Puddi avatar as the bad guy in the game.

A few other points:

There may be some issues with the game that will only be discovered at this stage now that a wider audience with a larger array of devices and configurations can play it. If you discover something, please raise it in the Ark Slack or Discord server.

Known issues:

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the game which will sit alongside Match 3. Expect some core updates to Match 3 very soon and then work will begin on the third game! You can play Bold Ninja at https://www.arkfun.io/ninja.

We give away Ark cryptocurrency every day to the winners of our games.

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