A pigeon in Bryant Park

I am a pigeon

Dark, grey with animated eyes

My eyes are well defined

I nod with my purple neck

Agreeing, disagreeing

Or simply with indifference

This park is my home

These people are my friends

I am not afraid of them

They are just like me

We are all here in peace

I am a pigeon with new found wings

But I don’t fly too high

I like the green grass

And the cobbled streets

And these people, oh these people!

They are a bit different

Now i see…

Unlike me..

They don’t have wings

But they carry machines

Phones, money, guns.

But here in this park

Their signals are lost

Their smiles are broad

Their books are open

Their coffee is warm

They don’t scare me

They come in peace

Just like me.

Out here in Bryant park

On the distant carousel

Some children play,

On a park bench

Few adults while away

I visit them now and then

I lie low, fly low

To the statue a big hello!

But somewhere nearby

In a certain tower

There lies an eagle

And he does scare me

He doesnt like reading

Or playing in parks

But he does like money

and he does like greed

He thinks I am small

He thinks I shouldn’t fly

He wants to build walls

And clip my wings

But today I am okay

We pigeons have a low life expectancy

So we live for the moment

YOLO, you see!

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