her soul was like water
Iris M.

Something similar…..

I see a woman in white, waiting for me by the seashore.

The white foamy waters touching her feet. The warm breeze flowing through her locks.

She has something to tell me, but I know what it is.

She looks towards the horizon suggesting it is late. But time has long frozen. On the chariot of my feelings, I hold her by the hands, with a delicate kiss on her palm.

I wish I could just sit there in the shallow waters with her, watching sunset, dreaming of sunrise.

All that was mundane seemed to be like the sand surrounding us.

I love her.

For the first time in my life I feel my love reciprocated in equal amount. It was all I ever hoped for. It is all I will ever hope for.

The future beckons us, welcoming us with outstretched arms. She looks into my eyes. The voices of the ocean have dimmed.

Her eyes are like the shine of pearls hidden deep beneath a treasure chest.

I see a tear in one corner of her eye, but I know it does not belong to grief. “Where have you been all this time?” she asks.

“Looking for you”.

She sees the pain in my eyes reflecting the depths of the dark caves I have travelled through. She takes me in her arms and I feel my tears and grief erased by her gentle touch. “You are all I ever wanted. You are all I need”, I say to her. For a moment, everything is silent, only her gentle sobbing on my shoulder.

“Don’t cry”, I say, “We are together now. I would rather have my blood flow from my veins than your tears from your eyes”

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