Who’s a King?

Will a broad-shouldered,

heavy-hearted, rugged chested,

body be called a King.

Or a kind, merciful

and just heart be called a King.

Does the wisdom of the World

make a King?

Or does a scar on the face and

bruises on the body make a King?

Am I a King?

with the wisdom, I’ve conquered and

the scars I’ve earned.

The heaviness in the heart and

the majesty in my look.

Would golden plates and

diamond crowns with a

gleaming sword packed upon

shinning sheath make me a King?

Does a book in hand

with a pen full of words

and the will to write

with a mind to think

make me a King?

Either would not,

until the winds around my frail skin

and the sky above my wounded head

Call me King.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash



Arun Krishnan

Arun Krishnan

An essentialist and an aspiring writer, striving to share his ideas with the rest of the world.