Arkverse MEME Contest — Time to Get Creative!

Arkverse’s 1st NFT public sale is imminent. To celebrate our launch, we are hosting Arkverse Meme Contest. You can create a meme using Arkverse Logo but it’s not a requirement, as long as the meme is related to our project. Once you create your meme, don’t forget to post it on Twitter and post it on our Arkverse Discord channel. Thank you again for supporting us in the early stage of the project. We are excited to see some quality meme submissions!

Prize Pool

  • Total Prize Pool : 1000 USD
  • Top prize : 500 USD
  • Second Prize : 200 USD
  • Most Creative Prize : 200 USD
  • Random Prize : 10 USD x 10participants

Participation Period

The event starts: Jan 13, 2022 9 AM UTC

The event ends: Feb 3, 2022 9 AM UTC

Winner Announcement

Date: Feb 3 , 2022 9 AM UTC

Winner selection

The memes will be judged by the Arkverse Team, and decision will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and Creativity
  • Clear Message & Relevance to Arkverse
  • Interaction of Memes on social media

Twitter = like and retweet / Discord = reaction

MEME/GIF Submission — How to Enter

Make sure to complete 4 missions below before you participate the MEME Contest (Any meme is acceptable but it should be about our project)

Once you have completed the above, please post your meme on Twitter or Discord

Submit Here

Accepted Meme Type:

jpg , .png , .gif file

you can submit more than one meme. You can submit a maximum of 10 memes to the contest. But remember, it’s not about the quantity of submissions but the quality of the memes.


Anything related to our project is great! If needed, feel free to use the following assets (our logo) in your meme.
*not required for submission

Good luck and let’s get the memes going!

About Arkverse

Arkverse is a blockchain-based decentralized animal metaverse. It is a community where people who love animals or love adventure can communicate and express their values.

In addition, Arkverse is also a platform that aims to improve the quality of life of animals in the real world by using the resources in the digital world.

In Arkverse, everyone is free to create, share, and trade contents to earn economic rewards. A portion of the revenue generated in Arkverse goes to the Animal Monetary Foundation (AMF) to be used for animals in the real world.

Official Links

Website / Twitter / Telegram / Discord




Arkverse Project, Solana-based blockchain decentralized animal metaverse.

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Arkverse Project, Solana-based blockchain decentralized animal metaverse.

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