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“Hmm, I’m *not sure* about those colours…”
Why didn’t we centre the text?”
Can we try blah blah?! I really like that!”

Me: … (I thought I’d already finished the design…)

Even though I always dreamed to be a designer from childhood, I never expected the that I would encounter so many situations like this. Design reviews were all about what someone else liked.

Seriously, what kind of designer would imagine a good design to be defined by the likes and hates of other people, who themselves hadn’t made any effort to understand composition or typography? Sadly, this was a…

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Do you still love design?

I was crazy about graphic design when I was young. Every night after school, I stayed up until dawn to draw something with Photoshop. I made my own comic books, websites, and organised social events. No wonder I failed my first university exam. But it was fun!

In contrast with my early passion, the sparkles in my heart faded away once I started to work as a designer. I felt so tired from all those links people were sharing for me to look at. I was sick of hearing about yet another tool for designers. …

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Is a lack of software knowledge a trade-off for being artistic and creative?

The ironic life of a designer.

Since I started my UX/UI design career, the biggest challenge I had was that my designs weren’t going to be the final design without a developer’s touch. Ironically, the quality of design was up to a developer’s design skills, not mine. All I could do was to help them by providing descriptive spec guidelines.

Those spec guides! They were so hard to update and often turned out to be incorrect. Even worse, a perfect guide didn’t guarantee a perfect implementation. It was still up to a developer’s interpretation of design.

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I hated maths.

Mathematics was frustrating. When I was young it seemed to be pointless to spend too much time on solving mathematical problems whilst you have so many other things to do!

Actually, I can create beautiful concepts if I know more about maths!

When I was a university student, I took an interactive art class where they taught me how to be a creative artist by writing code with Processing. From one of the examples, I found gorgeous art created by Marius Watz (he is my idol since then).

Warning, this contains an overdose of beautiful amazingness.

Jinju Jang

Exploring design with algorithms, mathematics, and observation. Silly but kind person. You can see my work at 😉

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