DJI Spark — The Drone That User Experience Built

As a UX professional and content creator that passionately tries to create every single day, I have a vast supply of equipment at my fingertips. Cameras of all levels and types, computers, drones, gimbals, and the list goes on. Most of these products are out of necessity. 4k, steadier shots, larger memory — you get the point.

Rarely, do I pick up a new product and think to myself — this product is going to change how I create content because it was focused on the user. I can say with excitement, the new DJI Spark drone that was launched today was built on user experience — solving problems (!) and not features jammed in a terrible experience.

Meet the DJI Spark

DJI Spark in Alpine White

This is the drone that everyone is going to want, and it will become the new selfie stick of 2017.

  • MSRP of $500 or $700 with accessories
  • Small as your cell phone
  • Easy to use with hand motion, your cell phone or remote control
  • Advanced “Intelligent Flight Modes” making flying easy for everyone

Finally, a drone that can pack in my bag and that I’m comfortable using around my family.

Finally, a drone that is jam packed with the latest software without requiring a $1300 price tag

Finally, a drone I can happily recommend to friends without a disclaimer.

Finally, a drone with affordable accessories ($50 battery) that are readily available when the drone ships (June 15th.)

The Drone That User Experience Built

As I mentioned, it is pretty rare these days that I get wowed by a gadget’s UX design. Thanks to Apple setting a UX benchmark with the original iPhone, people expect user interfaces to simply work. It isn’t that often these days that a product takes it up a level where people say, “Why didn’t they think of that earlier?”

The DJI Spark does just that.

It flies from your hand without the need for a remote. Basic commands with your hands. Intelligent flying so you can use this as the ultimate selfie camera. The size. The price. Colors (colors will matter to the general population.) The new Quickshots flight modes, Rocket — straight up looking down, Droning — up and away focusing on you, Circle — object in the center, Helix — droning and circle combined with the Spark flying up and away in a circle. I can’t wait to see what this does to people’s Instagram feeds!

Will the Hype Be Real?

Only time will tell if this little Spark meets the demand. How easy will it be to use? What will real life battery look like? What will footage look like for the majority of amateur users?

I look forward to testing out the DJI Spark and reporting back on the product design, User Interface and how you can add a drone into your daily content creation.

Originally published at on May 25, 2017.