Shouldn’t we ban this type of commercial?

I made this video the other day.

TV commercials for prescription drugs may be routine in the United States, but they’re banned almost everywhere else around the world. Only the US and New Zealand allow them today.

Alaska and Hawaii are two of the least medicated states so they’re not shown here. Also, they didn’t fit.

For instance, the dulcet narrator in one ad for the sleeping pill Lunesta warns us:

What normal human doesn’t wake up totally refreshed like this?


I bet you didn’t expect to see a generic stock image of pills somewhere in this article!

Becoming more circumspect about prescribing drugs should also lead us to think about engineering lives that are healthier as well.

We should probably be doing more of this shit. Unfortunately.

One simple regulatory action that the FDA could unilaterally do without Congress is to stop approving prescription drug ads for broadcast on television and radio.

The world’s most boring (now-banned) TV commercial for Marlboro cigarettes.

And don’t just take my word for it. To borrow a phrase… ask your doctor.

Don’t make this fake stock photo doctor sad. Listen to him!




I’m a documentary filmmaker and all around troublemaker. More at

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Arlen Parsa

Arlen Parsa

I’m a documentary filmmaker and all around troublemaker. More at

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