Diversity, Arlene, & AR

Aug 4 · 2 min read
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Arlene strives to democratize 3D and AR experiences so that any person or brand can deliver AR ads at scale. For our products to serve everyone, we must be inclusive of everyone. We commit to making diversity, equity, and inclusion part of our DNA — from how we build products to how we build our team. Arlene is an ally to underrepresented groups and will fight racism, bigotry, and hate.

Diverse people, experiences, and thought drive progress at Arlene. We’re proud to hire and do business with black, Latinx, female, LGBTQ+, veteran, and all groups that have been underrepresented.

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Levi’s Pride AR experience on Snapchat. Photo credit: Levi Strauss

As an early-stage startup with few resources, here are a few commitments we are making to take action:

  • Increase the focus of hiring underrepresented employees for Arlene’s team.
  • Implement fair hiring practices. Recruit from diverse pools and sources that are underrepresented (e.g. historically Black colleges, lower-income coder programs, etc.).
  • Place additional emphasis on soft skill evaluation.
  • Have the awareness that advertising products can positively and negatively affect certain people, groups, and causes.
  • Work with partners and customers who share and live our values.
  • Fundraise from investors who have diverse and ethical portfolios/teams.
  • Recognize the full range of skin tones before releasing face/skin-recognizing AR experiences.
  • Feature a diverse range of skin tones in product demos and content marketing.
  • Look for ways to support underrepresented communities using our technology. E.g. use our social filters products to promote and drive donations for nonprofits and activists.

We look forward to gathering feedback from candidates, employees, and partners to ensure Arlene is a fair, equitable, and safe place to work. There is much work to do, and we pledge to listen, learn, and take action to make Arlene an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Please send us a message if you’d like to learn more and/or have thoughts on how tech startups can do better to be more inclusive and hire more diverse talent.

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