All about Executive Dashboard Software

An executive dashboard is a computer interface that illustrates the key performance indicators (KPIs) that all enterprises need to run their company efficiently. It denotes to a graphical user interface that systemizes and demonstrates information in a format that is easy to interpret and read. The executive dashboard can be used as a starting point from which a corporate executive can get the bigger picture of the company without digging deeper into data.

There are numerous benefits of using this executive dashboard software. Let’s take a look at some features and advantages of using executive dashboard software.

Important Features of Executive Dashboard Software

• Executive dashboards come with an intuitive graphical display that is laid out thoughtfully and very easier to navigate. 
• The logical structure that forms the dashboard makes the access of current data easier and fast.
• The displays of the executive dashboards can be categorized and personalized to meet the specific needs of the user. 
• It can take information from multiple sources such as markets and departments.

Advantages of Using Executive Dashboard Software:


Dashboards can be personalized according to the user’s expectations. All level decision dashboards can be customized to give the most valuable and useful set of information. It also enables all people to see the detailed structure to get the job easily and meet the goals easily.

Mobile Device Accessible

Many of the dashboard software are programmed in such a way that they can suit any mobile devices. These dashboards help you to reach everyone with correct information promptly.

Drill Into Detail

Dashboards have the capability to get the deeper information when needed by selecting the desired object and variable. The all-in-one doesn’t mean that there will be the absence of details.

Instinctive Data Presentation

Dashboards are crafted in such a way that any user can use the software in an easy manner without complicated and exhaustive training. The graphic design enables a smooth and easy navigation throughout the information.


Earlier, users have to spend a lot of time in analyzing and reviewing various reports to end in a conclusion. This dashboard helps to visualize the overall situation report of the desired information at one glance.