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At Dropbox, we have a healthy and lean approach to growth design. This is largely the result of a finely-tuned process our growth team has developed over the last couple of years. A common thread throughout is a respect for user-centered design and our belief in the value it adds. Here are the 10 most valuable growth design practices I’ve picked up during my time at Dropbox.

1. Get involved early.

Attend or organize brainstorms with your growth cross-functional partners. This is a great time and place to build on others’ ideas and suggest ideas of your own. But more importantly, it’s a chance…

Late last year, the design team at Segment decided it was high time to spruce up our library of icons. Having only used off-the-shelf icon sets until then, things had started looking a little mismatched. It was also a chance to breathe some more personality into our much loved brand. Here’s how we did it…


I started off with a quick audit of what we already had. I browsed the pages of our website, screenshotting all icons in their original context.

We then grouped icons by purpose. Some depict physical things, like on the careers page, while others represent abstract…

How the Xero design team
helped create Small Business Guides.

Small Business Guides is a free collection of short guides for small business owners. It’s made by a software company called Xero (purveyor of beautiful accounting software) as a handy resource for small business owners. Early in 2014, I was asked to redesign the whole thing, with two big goals: increase user engagement (reduce bounce rate), and as we prepared to scale up, reduce production time for each guide.

A guide page

When I started work, it looked quite different. There were only 12 guides, there was no photography, and visually, it was very dark, with white text on blue backgrounds, featuring custom…

Arlen McCluskey

Lead Product Designer at Halter

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