A Guide To Filmmaking (Arlis Coleman’s Sequel Blog Series to the sleeper hit “Arli Year 1: A Love Story” focuses on Alternative News with episodes of his life too!

A Guide To Filmmaking is set to focus on Arli’s bread & butter (timelapses, blurry off-cam shots, boosted board riding, etc) but is also set on alternative news. While YouTube doesn’t necessarily monetize vloggers talking about news going on in the world Arli is willing to take that loss of cash to bring his opinion to his viewers about what’s going on in the world. Also Arli will focus on learning a new language as well as expanding his main channel (www.youtube.com/itsarlis) with content in a different language jumping on emerging markets. Putting his personality on stuff he’s loves & pushing his name behind it is a big deal. He’s breaking out from the typical YouTuber.