How I Afford To Travel All The Time

I’ve traveled some much since starting my YouTube Career, whether it was on flights, a train, a bus, subway, etc. I always find the best ways to travel. I had companies help me with money to travel, I’ve saved money from a ton of terrible energy sucking jobs before YouTube so I could travel but one thing is certain. All the deals you can find booking a flight in advance is huge. Managing your income closely, a little bit of risk, & looking on every Transportation Travel Comparison Engines known to man can get you far (no, you can’t buy stupid materialistic things every month if you want to travel). With that being said you have your budget together, you’re not buying new shoes every week anymore & now you’re ready to travel. Now depending on your career, start by asking your employer or the team you work with can they pay for your flight or at least get you a discount. Start by looking at multiple Hotel Comparison Engines, find you a reasonable price at a flexible time, & boom there you go. Let’s say you didn’t get a flight for free. What I do usually is book in advance anyway but most of the time I can get a ticket free. I would spend a crap load of time comparing prices before making the best decisions then decide if the ticket is the best purchase for what i’m trying to do. After that I would book a hotel in advance also as well as a travel shuttle, uber, or rental car from the airport I’m landing into. Doing this all in advance will have you ready just in case you can’t get discounts based on your career path. The websites I use for flights are KAYAK, MOMONDO, SKYSCANNER, ORBITZ, HIPMUNK, & AIRFARE WATCHDOG. Hotel websites I use are HOTELS.COM, HILTON, ORBITZ, EXPEDIA, HOTWIRE, & TRAVELOCITY. Hopefully this articles helps you out & remember don’t spend your money on those new shoes all your friends have.