9 Materials that will make your packing process easier and faster

Packing process for your move is very challenging especially for those who are moving for the first time. It will consume unnecessary time if not planned properly. This packing guide will help you organize your things before the day of the move to prevent puzzling situations.
Let’s get started in preparing your packing materials kit!
 1. Sealable Bags 
You can sort your things and seasonal items by using sealable bags. This will make everything more organized, even putting them on storage bins will become easier. Sealable Bags will keep your things in place, you can also reuse them in case you’ll need them again. 
 2. Plastic Wraps 
A handy and cheap packing material that you can use to keep drawers secured, utensil containers intact, and furniture covered. There is no need for adhesive to make a plastic wrap works, and it will work well in delicate surface of your things. You can choose from different types of plastic wraps depending on your need.
 3. Press n Seal 
Prevent your jewelries from tangling during your move by enclosing them with a sheet of press n seal. You can wrap your whole jewelry board with press n seal and keep them all in place. You avoid ruining pieces during your move with press n seal. 
 4. Duct Tape 
Keeping your boxes fastened is very important when moving, properly sealed boxes will ensure the safety of your things during your move. You can choose what type of duct tape will perfectly suit your packing needs. Color coded duct tapes can also be used to label your boxes.
 5. Paper Bags 
Packing your fragile items such as glassware is sometimes a little bit tricky. Paper bags are going to provide extra protection on glasses, bowls, and other breakable things that you’ll need to pack for your move. Recycle the paper bags that you have, you don’t need to buy new ones. You can also use clean newspaper.
 6. Wine Cases 
Empty wine cases are very useful when packing glass cups, small vases, or glass water containers. If you know someone from any winery or restaurants around your neighborhood, just drop by and ask for empty wine cases that are still useable.
 7. Color Coded Stickers 
Prevent consuming a lot of time on manually labeling your boxes, bubble wraps, and paper bags, use color coded stickers or print out stickers with names on it, it will make it easier for you to identify the content of the boxes and save time at the same time.
 8. Markers 
Marker is a must have when preparing your things for a move, you might need to put necessary information on your boxes or the things you will put inside the boxes. This will serve as a reminder for you during the truck loading and unpacking. Remember that you are not supposed to write too much on your boxes, just write phrases or words to keep you organized.
 9. Bubble Wrap 
One of the most useful packing materials when moving is the bubble wrap. It will secure and will keep your things in place. It is very easy to use for packing any sizes and shapes of objects. ​

Originally published at removalsguideau.weebly.com.