Remember The Why

Babyloania had a great 2015. We bypassed our 2014 (Jun-Dec) sales in the first 73 days of 2015. We grew our team more than sixfold to 26 members. We served dan helped ten times as many customers as the year before. Most importantly, we have identified more ideas to help make parenting easier for everyone.

2016 is the year that we implement these ideas. It will be a daunting task, as many of these ideas have probably never been tried before. There will be hiccups, there will be roadblocks, there will be criticisms and there will be rejections. In the face of all this, remember just one thing: remember the why.

We are doing this to ensure that every child can enjoy the same high quality of life. We are doing this to ensure that every child start off with the right level of education. We are doing this to bring dignity to every parent, knowing they are raising smart, happy children.

We are doing this because we love to help people.

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