I know as an entrepreneur you prefer as long of a runway as possible — I’ve never heard an entrepreneur argue for the opposite. But in my experience having a healthy tension of NEEDING to show progress / hit milestones has a forcing function of getting companies hyper-focused on results.
What is the Right Burn Rate for your Startup?
Mark Suster

This seems like a rationale that primarily supports the goals of the financiers to always have the money working at an optimal rate and to instill a constant state of panic, not to support the goals of the founders.

I’m not necessarily arguing that endless runway is a good thing but you publicly supported the Keith Rabois school of founder hunting which is (nicely said) that you want people who are basically working their asses off 24/6 out of passion and who are innately determined.

If one assumes that you only fund self motivated, grinding, no sleeping superstars then the shorter runway as a means to motivate doesn’t compute.