5 Tips for Better Goal-Setting

We talked about making your own Creative Bucket List — now let’s start fulfilling it!

Do you think to yourself, “I really need to start checking things off my goals list”? Then you should use the strategy of SMART goal-making, and actually get stuff done!

Here’s some tips and examples on how you can make your goals SMARTer! There’s also a Wikipedia article about SMART goals, for further reading, but basically, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

1. S = Specific: Create for yourself a specific version of the goal. 
A general goal is too broad and therefore not as easy to take action on. Specific details make the goal more clear and help you narrow down and focus.

Before: “Do lettering”
After: “Do first-round lettering sketches of the phrase ‘Chase your dreams’”

2. M = Measurable: Know how much you want to achieve and make sure you can track it.

Before: “Design logos”
After: “Design one logo every month”

3. A = Achievable: Shoot for something that is still realistic. When it comes to dreaming up things for your bucket list, i think its fine to dream big. Perhaps if you’re fortunate enough, you’ll get to experience some of those desires that are really the stuff of dreams. However, when setting a goal that you wanna take action on, try to set it based on what you know about your available time, resources, materials, etc.

Before: “Publish a blogpost twice a day” 
After: “Publish a blogpost every week, and keep it consistent.”

4. R = Relevant: Make sure your mini-goal is helping you towards reaching your bigger picture goals.

For example, if the goal is to improve your overall web design skills, it would be weird to focus your time on print design techniques. Instead, something more useful would be to learn UX (user experience) design, since it greatly influences how you should design a website.

5. Set a deadline for your goals, and strive to meet those deadlines. This creates a sense of urgency, and helps you keep those goals from being lost in “i’ll-do-it-tomorrow-land”

Before: Design my business cards [someday when i finally get the chance]
After: Design a first draft of my business cards by the end of the month.

So remember, SMART goals are:

Hope you find these tips helpful! Now go and do stuff!