The artwork at the Whitney (left) and the Usability Testing team (from left to right: Armando Garcia, Isabella Deocariza, Andrea Rodrigues do Amaral, Wanyi Wang)


Our goal is an omni-channel approach that is user-centric, and impactful, while remaining faithful to our founding mission of letting artists lead the way.Sofie Andersen, Director of Digital at the Whitney Museum of American Art

A major intersection in the Whitney experience is between Audio Guide content and the galleries…

Want it. Buy it. Forget it. — shopping for Barbara Kruger x Volcom goods at Untitled (The Drop).

Event: Untitled (The Drop), performance in Performa 17 by Barbara Kruger

Kruger Fans were disappointed — yes, I just labeled the new wave of followers and lovers of Barbara Kruger’s art Kruger Fans — they’ve written about it all over the internet. From Vogue to Artsy, these ‘art critics’ were…

Armando Garcia

UX Designer · Based in Denver, CO · Pratt Institute, MS IxD, 2019 · Matcha, chai, hibiscus, yoga, biking

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