The UK FoodTech ecosystem is seeing steady growth, through overcoming certain obstacles, it has the potential to cement itself as one of the world’s FoodTech powerhouses.

This report was developed in partnership with Collective Equity Ownership


FoodTech is steadily conquering the globe. New technologies, business models, infrastructures and perspectives have created a food landscape with diversity and complexity, propelled by numerous drivers and an interconnection of systems that create a highly efficient, global food value…

Can the $4.5 billion Plant Based Meat industry topple the $1000 billion meat industry

The last few years have seen a range of meat alternatives evolving, each aiming to challenge the multi-billion-dollar meat industry. With the global population projected to increase to around 10 billion by 2050, a massive amount of food and land space is required. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization…

Armaan Dobberstein

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