7 Silly Sultan Movie Mistakes Which 97% Of The Viewers Fail To Notice

“Wrestling is not a sport. It’s about fighting what lies within”

WittyFeed’s rating: 3.8/5

The quote I mentioned above is the signature quote of the movie. And this statement is not only for wrestlers or sports persons, it’s for all human beings who believe in themselves and dream to make their life ‘worth remembering.’

Cinematography, music, direction part, almost everything I found interesting. And the best part of the movie is that, for whole 2 hours 50 minutes, it holds you and doesn’t let you become bored.

I am not a big fan of Salman Khan, but couldn’t stop myself from noticing silly Sultan movie mistakes. Also, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was the only movie that created a space in my heart for Salman Khan. And once again Sultan made me appreciate Salman for his hardworking and consistency in the Industry.

Bollywood creates dozens of movies every year, but not all of them are remembered with the zeal. We all know there are a few among many, that make Indian audience feel proud of the Industry. When it comes to encouraging humans to win over life and making it ‘worth’, ‘Sultan’ is the one.

Well, I am here not to waste your time in lengthy stuff. You might have witnessed movie reviews, movie trailer everywhere, but ‘movie mistakes’ is a matter of curiousness and you will find it here on WittyFeed.

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Let’s enter the Sultan World. Get ready to see Sultan mistakes!(Sultan Movie Mistakes)

Sultan Movie Mistakes

Oh wait… Right after booking a ticket online, I was rushing directly into the theatre.

Sultan Movie Mistakes

I thought, why not giving an eye to the poster? Oh, that designer. Looks like s/he still doesn’t know that the color of Instagram is not ‘blue.’ Insta logo is looking like Facebook.

Salman and Anushka did the full justice to the roles, Sultan and Aarfa.

Sultan Movie Mistakes

I know it was not very easy for them to play the roles of Haryanvi guys. Once in every three dialogues, Salman and Anushka slipped from the accent. And it was sounding pretty odd.

This scene literally made me laugh.(Sultan Mistakes)

Sultan Movie Mistakes

Guess what, Sultan, a generous heart, while on the way picks three school kids on his scooter. He takes them to have ‘ganne ka rass‘ and leaves them there and runs to his place. He was supposed to drop them to the school right?

Sultan wins gold medal in Olympic and appears to a Sports Academy in his village to inaugurate his statue.

Sultan Movie Mistakes

Does this statue look like Sultan? NO WAY.

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Sultan dreams of winning Aarfa’s heart and starts being passionate for wrestling.

Sultan Movie Mistakes

One more scooter issue. Being in a middle class family, he rides scooter, that blue one. But when he sees Aarfa and happens to adore her, instantly, Sultan gets a bike. I wondered how come scooter turns into a bike instantly?

The great Sultan lifts a tractor within a second.

Sultan Movie Mistakes

That theater guy didn’t allow me capturing the pictures for long, so I couldn’t show you here. There’s a scene where villagers ask Sultan to lift a tractor from the muddy area. And Sultan so dramatically pushes the tractor in less than a few seconds. We know Sultan is shown very powerful but after all, he is also a human, not superman. (Sultan clearly says this in another scene, you will pick my statement well if you’ve watched the movie)

Salman Khan looks pretty aged in the movie. (Sultan mistakes)

Sultan Movie Mistakes

Sultan stands in front of a mirror. Did you find the both images similar? Look closely and notice something.

Despite all these, Sultan is one of the best Salman movies I have ever known.(Sultan Movie Mistakes)

Sultan Movie Mistakes

You will find so many instances which will make you laugh. There are several scenes that’ll make you cry. You will get to learn some biggest life lessons.

Guys don’t wait for the weekend to come, go and watch today! Also, don’t forget to notice these Sultan movie mistakes to everyone there.

Have a happy time, and don’t miss to share your thoughts with me. And feel free to share these Sultan mistakes with your movie buff friends!

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