From SSRF To RCE in PDFReacter

What is PDFReacter?
- PDFReacter is a parser which parses HTML content from HTML to PDF.

While testing an application I have identified that an application is using the PDFReacter parser.

PDFReacter is a formatting processor that parses the HTML content to PDF Since an application has an option to insert data into forms, I started fuzzing with XSS and for that, I simply used <img> tag. there was an option to export the forms to PDF and when I exported the one of the form which has the payload, the final PDF file was like this.

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This means an application and PDFReacter both do not escapes the HTML tags and processes the HTML tags/XSS Payloads as well.

Since I knew that an application is using PDFReacter as a parser and both application and parsers are not escaping my payloads. So the next was with the iframe. I wanted to check if I can load external sites in a final pdf document or not and as you can see that Google is getting loaded in the frame.

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Now it was clear that I can hit to the external sites by using iframe(SSRF Confirmed).

Next step was to read the local files with file:/// wrapper.Simple Payload “><iframe src=”file:///etc/passwd”/></iframe> I used for it.

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Bang !!!!!

Next is to check if the current user has root privileges or not. I Simply tried fetching the shadow file with the below-mentioned payload and I noticed that I was able to fetch the shadow file.
“/><iframe src=”file:///etc/shadow”></iframe>

Since the Current user has the root privileges, Next was to pop a shell, I Fetched Private SSH keys, And was able to SSH to the server.

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Although it was not my first RCE, I got goosebumps when I popped the shell. Rahul Maini’s blog helped me a lot to understand the current scenario. Thanks, Maini for an awesome blog.

Thanks everyone for reading.

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