Summery:Blockchain Popular Platforms


Comparisons are base on original web sites but it is not complete precisely




Enterprise Plug & Play Interoperability, TV, VR

◘ UniBright

Dashboard with Any block,360° Security token platform(Token Generator), Cross-chain functionality, Voting template, Milestone Payment template.

Unibright Framework: (Workflow Designer),(Lifecycle Manager),(Connector),(Explorer)

Unibright Framework consists of 4 components to visually define business processes (Workflow Designer), publish and maintain automatically generated smart contracts to different blockchains (Lifecycle Manager), integrate these contracts with on- and off-chain system landscapes (Connector) and visually monitor all ongoing processes (Explorer).

◘ Blockstream

Liquid Swaps, multi-part payments by c-lightning plugins. Prometheus Plugin and Grafana, Script can be used to represent complex conditions required to release a transaction by Miniscript.

Miniscript: efficient analysis, composition, generic signing.

Transaction: Data Feed(History Transaction), low transaction weights

Main Systems: (Liquid),(Elements),(Satellite network)

◘ Blockstack

Modular, supply minimal infrastructure for hosting the application code, don’t need to worry about maintaining and securing databases, universal usernames.

(build high-quality applications).(Tunable Proofs election system to securely
bootstrap a new blockchain).(on-chain expressibility). (security and predictability of smart contracts).
(admitting static analysis for all transactions.)(decentralized storage system, called Gaia).(A universal ID and authentication system, called Blockstack Auth),(do not need to worry about running servers or databases.)(Blockstack’s first-generation blockchain operated logically on top of Layer-1 (L1), and each transaction was in 1-to-1 correspondence with an L1 Bitcoin transaction).(Have a Browser)

Ease of Use, Scalability
User Control
Minimal logic and state at the blockchain layer
Localized state changes vs. global state changes
Reliable cloud-like storage vs. peer storage
Full-stack SDKs for developers
A novel peer network (Atlas).Blockstack DApps are not required to use smart contracts at all.v2 general-purpose smart contracts written in a non-Turing-complete language

◘ DTube

Design new model Avalon social blockchain — Simplify User Experience
Users on the DTube Chain will now earn 1 single liquid cryptocurrency token: the DTC (instead of 3 on Steem). Spending Voting Power (VP) is simplified and all rewards are collected in real time.
Ease adoption Creating an account on DTube Chain will be instant and as easy as 2 clicks (versus a few weeks on Steem)
Increase retention On DTube Chain, VP stacks up indefinitely to incentive returning visitors (on Steem, voting power caps after
a few days of user inactivity). Foster long term user growth with a dynamic inflation — Benefits of the DTube Chain:
More efficient governance DTube Chain is a decentralized organization governed by leaders. It is much easier to obtain a consensus and implement changes for the DTube community where all stakeholders interests are aligned rather than on Steem where more than 400 Apps share the same chain and economy, yet gave different interests and visions. (Higher scalability).
DTube Chain, which is exclusively dedicated to the DTube app, can handle thousands of transactions per second (i.e. tens of millions of daily active users). On Steem, DApps need to share bandwidth generation which limits the overall capacity of each app.

Focus on Transaction manager is very good. Transaction manager — Qurioum node — Good Api -Local state database on node and Transaction manager.

DTube, at the first implemented on Steem Network — it’s own DTube Chain, DTC (Type of IEO), DTube Chain is a “onechain-oneapp” model where each
App uses its own blockchain database in opposition to
the classic model where all users and programs share
and pay a transaction fee to the same Chain.

◘ Quorum

Tools: Cakeshop IDE,Quorum Wizard npm,anonymous-zether payment system.

Based on the official Go implementation of the Ethereum.We’re powered by strong partnerships with Microsoft and JPMorgan.


Contains “vscode” extensions.

Simplified DevOps in a seamless environment for your team to move easily from development to test to production.

Peer, Ordering Service, Certificate Authority.

Start small, with no upfront investment. Then pay as you grow and upgrade easily through Kubernetes.

Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public, hybrid clouds).

Easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks.

◘ SkyCoin

Lightning Fast
Zero Fees
Utility Backed

Free Fee Transaction

Skycoin: fast and secure currency backed by bandwidth.
Skywire: anonymous, decentralized mesh-Internet.
Skyminer: hardware and access point for Skywire.
Fiber: decentralized open blockchain network.
Skysuite: suite of decentralized applications.

Blockchain & React developer.(Msc IT)

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