20/20 Life Vision — A Message to Humanity

A New Global Vision

4 YEARS AGO, I was guided to create a Personal Development Program, really as a way of simplifying my own ‘eccentric’ approach to life and time management called Timebug, and the name came to me naturally as well — 20/20 Life Vision Challenge. On the night that the guidance came, I was coming off an intense month of hour-long meditations, where I would clear my mind and with a blank slate, pose one simple question to the Universe “What Do I Need To Do Now?”20/20 Life Vision was the answer. And I was ‘given’ the format (3 phases of 10 Steps each across 7 primary Life Categories: Career, Finances, Personal Aims, Relationships, Health, Environment and Spirituality) — it just kind of flowed through me with ease, as did the 30 Days of content, which were written a day at a time, and with a little help from my friends, between December 2nd and 31st, 2015, after writing the Introduction on December 1st. It was a magical, dare I say mystical experience, for me, and it also energized (and at times, maddened) those around me, who had various roles to play in disseminating this river of inspiration towards an audience of thousands of brand new readers all within that special month of December 2015.


One of the reasons that those particular dates were so critical — hence my sense of divinely inspired urgency — was that the Year 2020 was exactly 4 years away (from starting, and 5 years away from ending). 4 is an important number for me — a theme that carries through this story (2020 = 4 in Numerology >> 2+0+2+0 = 4, in simple terms), as my own birthday (March 4) and that of my son (July 4) also share that element. 4 is the number of Balance and Order, and it is evident that the world needs those forces to come into play right now, more so than ever before. A critical component of 20/20 Life Vision is for participants to create a 5-Year Plan as part of an overall Life Vision. Since the initial 30 day blog and email communications were released, the program was converted into a highly visual workbook as well as a mobile app, that was released this past December 2019. Thousands of people have taken on the challenge, in one format or another, and I’ve received a lot of great feedback which has been encouraging.

People often ask about the title and rationale for using ‘2020’ in it. “What happens after 2020?”, “Does the Vision expire?”, “Will you change the title when the year 2020 arrives?” My answer was always along the lines of “Let’s focus on the Vision between now and then — we’ll decide everything else when we get there.” One way or another, I had a strong intuition that 2020 was going to be a key marker — a profound year for the Planet, on a Cosmic level. I was not alone in that feeling — many, such as my mentor David Houle [author of This Spaceship Earth and Finite Earth Economy], had prognosticated it. Some kind of inflection point was coming — something that had the power to change our way of life forever — but nobody, aside from possibly Nostradamus, knew exactly what it would look like.

Enter COVID-19. Now we know. And it’s just the beginning, in terms of the impact of Coronavirus on humanity. This goes way beyond the war-like conditions that most cities — like New York and Jersey City, where I live and work — are facing, the new norms of social distancing and distance learning, the sheer ineptitude and unpreparedness of the American political and healthcare system to respond effectively that has led to the loss of many lives and the overall global financial meltdown that has cost thousands of jobs. This is an important Message to Humanity from the Higher Powers, and within that is an incredible opportunity for individual and collective self reflection. “As Above, So Below” — one of the 7 Laws of Nature according to Hermetic tradition — explains the Correspondence between Macro and Micro, and between all living systems. What is happening externally right now is a reflection of the dis-ease and fragmentation that most of humanity has been experiencing at increasingly higher levels over the past 100+ years. Sure there has been a ton of scientific and technological advancement, but at what cost, and to what degree are those ‘achievements’ really helping the 7+ Billion people around the globe find happiness? If anything, it has disconnected us from Nature more so than prior generations, who lived, in many ways, simpler and more pure lives. Most of us are living in more crowded and polluted cities, being force fed more (and often erroneous) information that is coming at us faster than ever from multiple (and new) sources. There is still major global and almost everywhere local conflict, declining health and education standards (especially in ‘leading’ nations like the U.S.). As a result, we see more stress, health issues and mental illness — for adults and kids — everywhere. And this was all before COVID-19! All Coronavirus has done is to expose our collective overwhelm and confusion.

We were so busy running around like “chickens with our heads cut-off” as my youth soccer coach used to tell us when we played rushed, that we didn’t take time to stop — for a minute or 30 per day — to get a hold of ourselves. Ask questions like — “Who Am I?”, “How Am I Doing (Inside)?” and “What Do I Need To Do?”, as I did 4 years ago when I got my answers. Today again, on a symbolic numerology date — 20/20/20 (April 5th = 4 x 5 = 20) — I am called again to share this message. It is a message of encouragement, and an invitation to people worldwide to ponder the state of humankind, starting with the living example that they have right in front of them — in the mirror. It is already happening, and for all of human history, there have been threads of this deeper wisdom kept alive in small circles. It is time that more of us find this wavelength, and connect to it. These vital questions can, if you work to truly quiet your mind, elicit authentic answers and guidance that your intellect cannot. This can change your life, in ways that even the worst pandemic in global history cannot deter. We are bigger — and connected to something much greater — than COVID-19. We will, as a more united world, come through this. And the key question is not “What Will You Do Differently when Coronavirus Passes?” but rather, “What Will You Do Differently Right Now, To Change Your Life?”

As the Master Philosopher, Dario Salas Sommer, taught the world through his teachings, we each have an Internal Ecology — an entire Universe of thoughts, emotions, opportunities and Energy within us — which is vast and fertile ground for new discoveries to be made, regardless of whether or not you can go outside of your home. It’s high time that we focused more on going inside anyway. I can see now more clearly why I was called upon to create 20/20 Life Vision, and set it up as a step by step Challenge, 4 years in advance of this monumental, global wake-up call; to prepare myself, and others, for the Challenge of a Lifetime! 20/20 Life Vision isn’t just about our own individual goals — although those are vital to the process as well — but about how we can more effectively team up and contribute to our families, communities and the world. COVID has been a great teacher so far, in how connected we all are — and how vital is is for us to work together harmoniously to solve the world’s big problems. “As Above, So Below”. Let us each apply that same concept to create harmony within our internal worlds.

If this quarantine had only lasted for a week or two, it wouldn’t take long at all for most of us to forget, and go back to our old patterns — business as usual. I urge you not to miss this Golden Opportunity — regardless of how it’s hitting home for you — to RETHINK EVERYTHING…not just catch up on your Netflix Watch List. While the world is “On Hold”, you have the chance to take a deep, reflective breath, and change the course of your life — your DESTINY. The more of us that take up this Challenge, with a fire in our belly, the more of a chance we have to reshape humanity — to live in accordance with the Laws of Nature — elevating it towards its great potential.

Join me, and thousands of others, who are committed to bringing more Light into the world, by first and foremost working on all of the dark corners within our own souls. I vow to create, collaborate and share with whomever resonates with this message — Daily Challenges, Weekly Lessons and Monthly Webinars; I’ll post updates here, at the Timebug website and on our Social Media. While I can’t change the price of the 20/20 Life Vision book — Amazon charges to print them — the Timebug App is Free on IOS and Android, and I will send whomever wants it right now — for no charge — each of the 30 Steps, one by one, as you take them on. This message, and the 20/20 Vision program, is me doing my part to raise the collective Consciousness of the Planet. I trust that you will do yours. Now let’s March Forth!



Tech Entrepreneur, CEO of Kidcoin, Founder of b.labs

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