Can You Spot The ‘Halloween’ Easter Egg In This ‘Stranger Things’ Poster?

Hopper standing broodily in a flood of rotting squashes alludes to what’s in store for the children in Hawkins.

Armando Dela Cruz
Oct 7, 2017 · 3 min read
Photo from the poster.

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You can’t miss that the second season of Stranger Things is forthcoming. Even if you tried. Netflix has been churning out teaser after teaser since its announcement, and to say that they’re doing it well would grossly understate the work their putting in.

So far, we have: a bunch of character posters redolent of Suspiria’s iconic poster; a series of 80’s horror movie-inspired posters; and a deftly crafted trailer released at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con featuring a fun repurposing of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

First-look at ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two.

On Sunday, October 1st, Netflix took to Twitter and released this bit of tease.

That’s a big flood of dead squashes.

It’s Hawkins’ finest, Jim Hopper, standing amidst a flood of rotten squashes. Indeed a creepy image, but perhaps a tad too on-the-nose a nod to the holiday on which the series is set. This is because this isn’t a nod to Halloween itself, but to one of the films in the Halloween franchise.

Still from ‘Halloween III Season Of The Witch’

Tommy Lee Wallace’s Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is an odd detour from the series’ central villain, Michael Myers. In the film, however, a larger evil is at work. Michael has been — erm — benched.

And rightly so. There’s a larger evil at work in Season Of The Witch, one that scathes far deeper than Michael’s butcher knife. In the film, a genocidal tycoon mass-produces haunted Halloween masks for all American children to partake in. A voodoo spell disguised as a stupidly catchy jingle is aired across America, leaving American parents entranced to make the fatal purchase. The villain in Season Of The Witch is the most “Reagan” of all villains, giving true form to consumerism and mass media, which, in and of themselves a couple of horrific monsters.

Every child who wears a mask is guaranteed a gruesome death, like this kid from a key moment in the film:

The river of rotten squashes in the poster might be alluding to the number of children the Upside Down has claimed or has yet to claim. Whichever is the case, it looks like the dimension-free disappearances won’t stop anytime soon.

The second season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix October 27th.

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